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  • Top Pakistani Dramas of All Times

    Top Pakistani Dramas of All time
    Clock shows 8'O Clock whole family gathers in the TV room. Everyone is looking forward to the 8'O clock Drama. It was every Pakistani house before 60 entertainment channels along technology takeover and we lost that one hour of family bonding and matchless entertainment.
    Pakistan Drama industry is world famous. Pakistan has immense talent in art and science. Pakistan has produced passionate and creative artists over the years who had given entertainment industry international recognition and took it to the peaks of successes and perfection.Pakistan Television industry started on 24th November 1964 in Lahore.

    Before television Drama was beautifully created on radio. Radio Pakistan was only source of entertainment for people. Television industry in Pakistan has seen amazing artist and build projects which can be rewatched anytime.
    Top Pakistani Dramas of all time. Topic might seems simple but it gave me flashbacks of masterpieces created over the years. It reminds me of amazing artists such as Moin Akhtar , Rahat Kazmi, Bushra Ansari,Marina Khan and so many more.
    80s and 90s can easily be called as golden period of Silver Screen in Pakistan.Amazing direction of Shoaib Mansoor , Haider Amam Rizvi and Momina Duraid has given Pakistani Drama international recognition. To pick few out of stack of brilliant pieces created by Drama industry is the hardest job. The following few are recommended to anyone to revive those amazing days of Pakistani Drama.


    Alpha Bravo Charlie: 1998

    Looking to revive you patriotism? ABC is all what you need. Sohaib Mansoor's direction blended with perfect script and dynamic fresh cast. Drama was full of emotions and can restore your love for Pakistan Army and beloved homeland.


    Drama was brought to you by Quetta PTV studio. Tale of young Police Officer. I remember watching it thrice still I can't stop myself crying in last episode. Yes Drama on The life of Police officer. Well back in those days Pakistani Dramas were about recognizing the heroes of soil.


    Angan Tehra (Late 1980s)

    Bushra Ansari.Does this name ring any bell? I guess this name is enough to tell anyone how hilarious a show would be. It was THE BEST COMEDY show of all times. 


    Fifty Fifty (Early 1980s)

    Yet another comedy show with amazing cast. Moein Akhtar was making history back then. Well I know for new generations shocking but we use to have amazing comedy shows and we use to laugh (Happy Nation *sigh*).



    Pakistani Drama wasn't only about comedy or tribuiting our heroes. Romantic Dramas without family politics *No Saas bhao k tane* were part of Pakistani Drama Industry and Ankahi was one of those Dramas. It has left beautiful memory on hearts of viewers.



    They use to say if Drama is written by Haseena Moin; there is no chance, It wont be a huge success. So never doubt our elders. Marina Khan , Shahzad Khalil , Shahnaz Sheikh, Qazi Wajid and Behroze Sabzwari were few legends who were part of this amazing drama. Its considered as Classic of Pakistani Drama industry. Sequel might have been through the eyes of few "Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay.". Drama was full of emotions and romance. It was beautiful show.


    Dhoop Kinare

    Once upon a time there was a princess called Marina Khan and Prince named Rahat Kazmi. Oh! Yes a bit of exaggeration but well this drama was the best love story of all time. Beautiful love affair between Dr Zoya Ali and Dr Ahmer Ansari has made it watchable for every generation and for India to copy it as well.


    Pakistani Drama was symbol of creativity and may be a shock for few use to end after maximum 13 episodes. There are few good new dramas by wonderful energetic new writers but I wouldn't be mentioning them along these classics. Therefore, here is one exception



    Drama was created on Novel of Razia Butt. It can give goosebumps to anyone. We have always listen to those horrifying stories of migration at the time of Independece.Its story of such women who have faced severe crisis and end up losing everything. Sanam baloch and Fawad Khan has outclassed this project. One of the most amazing project of our new drama industry.