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  • Social Media Trends in Pakistan

    Social Media Trends in Pakistan.
    Media always been a source of triggering change in any society. It is the medium to convey message and opinion to the masses. In last decade social media has become very integral part of modern society.
    Pakistan is developing country thus Internet users are around 10 to 15 percent of total population and 2 to 3 percent of this population has access to fast broadband connection. Despite of these statistical figures ; there is another fact that couldn't be avoided. It's 50 percent growth of Internet users in last few years.
    Social media was not taken seriously in start and even now their is huge number of fake profiles available but in last general election political parties have used social media as forum to communicate directly to their supporters which let supporters have direct opinion of every stakeholder.
    There is another truth we need InternetGuidance since people have almost zero awarnamce to discriminate between the fake and original content it leads to severe misunderstanding. It's to be understood that everything we see on Internet is not true.
    All these facts leads to the conclusion that future of Internet users and Internet itself is very bright in Pakistan. Main reason is increase in usage of mobile Internet. Big players of corporate industries focusing on social media marketing. Brand imaging is focused to bring that in news feeds of social media users. Idea is to show users your brand so many times so when they see it in shelf buying it is almost a reflex action.
    Facebook as compared to.other social network is growing faster while twitter and many other are slower on the pace. Linked in has grown in last few years to find highly qualified professionals suitable for organizational need.
    Freelancer community has grown in last decade there are huge number of freelancers working from Pakistan which is giving new rise to entrepreneurship.
    Social media is making an appearance in all fields of life and playing a vital role in opinion making.