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  • Society and Social Structure of Pakistan

    Society and Social Structure of Pakistan
    Pakistan, A country which is also know as Pure land. A place that was taken to experiment laws of Islam and implement shariah. Well Its something we have learnt over the years in our text books and repeated every time a person gets into a debate of building a secular state.
    Pakistan geographically is located at very important position. South Asia's politics has always determined the overall policy of super powers. Its full of mineral resources but lack equipment to take any advantage from Allah's blessings.
    Pakistani society has inherited the culture from three civilizations Afghanistan , Iran and India. Whether rituals or division of wealth not single custom and culture we have solely built over the years after independence. 
    Division of wealth doesn't meet an criteria of justice. whole country is divided into four major classes elite , upper middle class , lower middle class and lower class. This division is based on financial status. Economical polices over last four to five decades have made this class difference significant as well as hard to change and jump. Society has not been able to ignore differences and relationships as well as friendships have suffered over the time. A country where few are part of establishment , policy making as well as bureaucracy. This chunk of Pakistan's society is ruling class which is making economical policies to save their motives. Status quo has gone stronger and nobody is protesting.
    We have been a confused nation over the years. We could not decide
    If we want a liberal state or Islamic state.
    If Pakistan has to be Islamic state how will the constitution be built around Shariah.
    Banking to Education. How to regulate all institutions according  to Islam.
    Hypocrisy of the our constitutional makers can be seen in the name of our beloved homeland "Islamic republic of Pakistan " a country that is democratic as well as Islamic is contradictory at the same time. Its time we should clear our minds what and how we want it and get out of the influence. Sixty years are enough to forget those rituals and built a country we want instead of creating an other replica of India with different name. A country with four beautiful provinces and rich culture needs to have colors of life instead of separation movement deep inside. Punjabi , Balochi, Pathan , Sindhi , Siraki and every other citizen of Pakistan needs to forget their race and cast. We need to gather under a single flag and stand unite.Long Live Pakistan