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  • The Beginning: My first blog

    It wasn’t easy for me to believe the fact that I was doing something that was previously unthinkable for me, writing a blog. Was I too old or too young for it wasn’t the issue. My other blogger friend would tell me that she herself started writing late in life, that I still had years to go and lots to achieve in the time I have ahead of me. The issue was, I could never picture myself to be the scholarly kinds, who would write amazing piece of article that you read in the newspapers and online. She clearly became my inspiration. Having read her articles, it makes you realize that its ordinary people, in this instance my friend, who write such brilliant articles and have such an intense sense of topic formulation that it makes you want to write. So here I am on my endeavor to write my first blog.


    I still hadn’t decided to sit down and start write until the day I was alone at home and being so idle that it made me want to run away. To go out and do something so non productive, so not important that it would give me a false sense of accomplishment.  It wasn’t like I would be going out and breaking bricks.

    So here I was making up my mind to take my laptop and start writing. But I guess god wanted to test me as to how much I really wanted to write that the electricity went off, all thanks to the summer cuts and I was no more able to browse the net and spend my time on the worthwhile Facebook anymore.


    Time flew by and I couldn’t come with an idea as to what should my first blog be about. With my screen staring at me and my keyboard calling me, then it suddenly came to me. Why not write about the small little journey of this Delhite from being a non-writer to a person who is willing to give writing a shot. For who the last time he wrote something was in class 8th when he was told to come up with a couple of paragraphs of a rhyming poem in English class.

    So here I am now. Let it begin!!